Soft sandwich bundle

Soft sandwich bundle

(VAT excl.)

If you choose a soft sandwich sandwich bundle for us, you will receive a fair distribution from the range below. We recommend ordering 2.2 sandwiches per person for a filling lunch.

With quantity you can enter the number of sandwiches that you wish to order. The above price is there sandwich.

  • Soft brown bun with American filet and onions
  • Soft brown bun with old cheese and fresh apple drip
  • Soft multi-seed bun with beef sausage and pickle
  • Soft sesame bun with hard goat cheese and mustard dip
  • Soft pumpkin bun with ham and mustard dip
  • Soft pumpkin bun with mature cheese and mustard dip
  • Soft white bun with smoked chicken and curry dip
  • Soft white bun with cumin cheese and mustard dip


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