Wie vult uw broodtrommel? Chef Roland

Roland van den Broek is our chef in the kitchen and has been working for nearly 3 years at Wie vult uw broodtrommel, but who is Roland anyway?

I am Roland, 42 years old, born and raised in Zeist, where I am still living with my wife Maaike. As a child I knew already I wanted to become a cook. As a little boy I already helped at the "Altena" bakery on the corner of our street. Here I was allowed to do some small jobs such as; weighing dough balls and add almonds to the filled cakes. It was therefore no surprise to my parents that after high school I went to the Prismacollege and Gildevaart to make my dream as a cook come true. Although I started my career at the bakery, after my studies I mainly worked as a cook in the hot and cold kitchen at restaurants such as Dorsthuys Demmers in Baarn and Opoes eethuis in Utrecht. In addition to my passion for cooking, I am a true sports fan and I like to spend time on in the woods my mountain bike. I also like to have lunch with my wife to keep an eye on the new trends.

Why did you return to your first love at a later age?
Working with fresh products is in your blood as a cook and because of my period as a child at the bakery I have come to appreciate bread. During my studies I also attended a bread course at the SBPO, so I gained a lot of knowledge in the world of bread. So when this job came along, this was an opportunity that I could not ignore.

Your life has changed a lot, especially your working hours. How do you experience this?
I only saw the benefits of my switch to Wie vult uw broodtrommel. The working hours was a huge change before I worked from 3:00 pm to midnight and I suddenly started at 5:00 am. This took some time used to, but nowadays I love to start this early. I am a passionate chef and really enjoy the moment that we as a team are working hard in the morning to prepare all lunches. We do not start earlier than 5 a.m., but use large numbers of extra people to guarantee the freshness of our lunches. Honestly, who likes to eat bread from yesterday? Nobody right? I really enjoy going to work and can enjoy compliments and hates when a day does not go the way I want.

Wie vult uw broodtrommel place 3 new items online every month, where do you get your inspiration?
I get my inspiration to develop new sandwiches or salads from my environment. Together with my colleagues we are very busy with creativity and we regularly try something new canteen. But the food magazines, my background and following the trends also provide sufficient inspiration. Making the perfect combination is the best thing there is.

Wie vult uw broodtrommel is really on the menu, what are you most proud of?
Every day when I come in and make sandwiches with my colleagues, it makes me proud to see that we as a team perform so well. But above all, I am proud of the quality of the products that we deliver to dozens of companies and individuals on a daily basis.

Which sandwich do you like the most?
The real reuben sandwich with smokey brisket. I really like honest food with good quality! This sandwich has it all and really has a unique flavor combination, defintetly my favorite!

Are there any plans for the future?
Absolutely! The first good steps for Wie vult uw broodtrommel have been made, we are well positioned in the market and are a good player in the industry. In the coming years we want to expand this even further and perhaps add other delivery areas to our webshop in the future. We also think it is important to contribute to a better world. We have started with a plastic promise in which we want to reduce the use of single-use pastic. In our kitchen we use of it by necessity, but we get started with this. Consider moving suppliers to other solutions instead of plastic and bypassing this themselves where possible. On to a bright future so with Wie vult uw broodtrommel.


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