What does your eating habits say about you as a person

Everyone has his/her own character, but did you know that your eating habits say more about you than you think?

Slow eater
Can you enjoy a nice dish? You like to take extensive time for things and do nothing rushed. So you prefer to work slower with more accurately than rushed with moderate results.

Fast eater
You like to eat fast so you can continue quickly. You get a lot of thing done, are a good multitasker and you can handle deadlines very well. You are always 10 steps further than the rest.

The organizer
You always play with your food and have a very orderly life. You don't like it when diffferent food types touch each other and like to keep things neat and organized. Similarly in your household.

The Adventurous
It's never boring with you. You love new ideas and make friends really easy. In terms of food, you really love new, unknown and exotic food.

The Insulating
Do you first eat one dish before you start another? Then you are very detail-oriented. You are very carefull and have an eye for details.

The mixer
You practive everything together, so you have as many tastes as possible in just one bite. You like to make time for people who are important to you and have a great sense of responsibility.

The loud denominatos
Do you eat like a pig of are you a real slurper? Then you live a carefree life and never worry so much about things. You do things you want, whenever you want and you are not afraid.

The preparer
Do you first cut your entire plate in small pieces before you start eating? Then you are a real forward thinker and you like to plan so nothing can be left done.

The picky one
Preferably you eat raw! You have very specific wishes and are happy to share them. You like to be closed to loved ones and prefer to stay in you familair "comfort zone".

Do you recognize yourself in one of these eating habites?


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