Vegetable or vegan food, why?

If you eat vegan, this means that you don't eat meat, fish, eggs, honey or other animal products, which includes dairy. As a vegan, you also don't consume plant-based products that involve animals in any form. You should think of products that have been tested on animals or that have been produced with animal additives. An example of this is wine, which has been clarified with gelatin or fish glue.

There are many prejudices about people who eat vegan, for example that they don't get enough nutrients. With this one, it's absolutely not true!
You have to make sure that you get enough vitamin B12, iron and protein. B12 is an important vitamin for our body, it is important for the proper functioning of our nervous system and for the production of our red blood cells.

You contribute to the climate and the environment. Livestock farming contributes 14.5% to greenhouse gases! To make a good comparison, 1 cow annually emits as much as 1 car that drives around the world 1.5 times.

Nowadays we see that it is more a trend to eat partially or completely vegan. There are so many new flavor combinations that you can combine well with your daily diet. Fortunately, the time of just a leaf of lettuce is long gone. Many manufacturers develop products that you can use as a replacement for an animal product. In recent years, hummus and baba ganoush have become extremely popular with fried vegetables on a sandwich for example, are also a tasty alternative.

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