Seasonal vegetables: Pumpkin

The pumpkin, originally from Mexico, was introduced to Europe many hundreds of years ago and is indispensable in the Netherlands. We use the pumpkin a lot in the kitchen or as a decoration. In September you will see small market stalls everywhere along the local roads where you can buy them in all shapes and sizes.

We have found some nice facts about the popular pumpkin that will surprise you!

Did you know that ...
- in the Netherlands the pumpkin is harvested in September and October, during this period the pumpkin even gets the highest attainable environmental quality mark
- the largest pumpkin ever weighs 70 kilos
- the zucchini is also related to the pumpkin
- Pumpkins are also used for other purposes, such as Halloween decorations
- the pumpkin is only edible if there are seeds in the pumpkin. Otherwise it is a calabash
- 200 grams of cooked pumpkin already contains 25% of the daily recommended amount of vitamin C

In our soup range you will also find a delicious pumpkin soup, which helps you on your way to get your daily amount of vitamin C!


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