Meet our drivers

In recent years, not only our team in the kitchen and office has grown, but also more drivers have joined us. Where we were first able to deliver with 2 drivers, we are now up to 4 drivers! Time to introduce 2 of these familiar faces to you. (on the picture, left Jeroen and right Henk)

Who are you?
Jeroen, I am 26 years old and I live in Culenborg but I was born in Hilversum. After I completed my MBO4 Business Management, I traveled through Asia for 3 months. When I returned, it was time to start another study, so i completed an HBO marketing and communication study. In my free time I realy enjoy making pictures especially in Amsterdam, football plays a big role in my life and I like to go out with friends.

Henk, I am 33 years old and I live with my Girlfriend Leonie and our son Mick (1,5 years) in Maarssen. After studying, teacher (unfortunuatly not completed) I wanted something completely different and up to this day I still not regret this at all! In my free time I like to play sports, share weekends with my family and make many nice memories with my little man.

How would you discripe yourself in 1 sentence?
Jeroen, I am a hard worker who gets along with everybody and I am never grumpy.

Henk, I am very enthusiatic, social and a real teamplayer. I love to get things done as a team.

How would you discripe your position? 
Jeroen, I think a bit like a warehouse/logistics employee. Of course I spend most of my time on the road delivering lunches and catering. But I also make sure the drinks stock is correct, the warehouse is tide and clean and I plan the routes for the next day.

Henk, my job consists different parts. In the morning I will be found in the kitchen to prepare with the lunchorders my colleagues. Then I make sure these orders are delivered right on time. I close my day by making the routes for the next day and make sure the warehouse is clean and tide.

How long have you been working for Wie vult uw broodtrommel?
Jeroen, I came to work in here June 2018. I thought it would be nice to deliver orders during the holidays. But it turned out that I liked that a lot and especially in the combination with other activities and responsibilities, I stayed much longer than planned.

Henk, I have been working here since March 2020 and have noticed that over time I get more and more responsibilities and my current job is changing a lot.

What do you like most about your job?
Jeroen, the variation in activities and responsibilities that I have been given over the years. The contact with my colleagues and above all, being on the move all day. I have completed a training in marketing and communication, but I shouldn't think about being in the office all day long.

Henk, the best thing about this work is the variation, not one day is the same! Furthermore, the contact with my colleagues is very nice, something I think is really important.

What makes you enthusiastic?
Jeroen, If the planning of a day goes as planned, the good atmosphere in our team, the preparation and construction of a big catering party and in very busy times to see our team works really hard to achieve the best result together.

Henk, when a day goes smoothly. This means that the orders are prepared on time and that we deliver the orders right on time. I also get enthusiastic when the atmosphere in our team is good.

What is the craziest thing you have experienced during your work?
Jeroen, Delivering a lunch at a photoshoot of Hunkemöller. They were shooting by the time I got there so I saw the models working and passing by in lingerie. 

Henk, The only thing I can think of is that 4 weeks after I came to work here, the Corona broke out. Form that moment on it has not been busy. If I may hear the stories, I look forward to the moment we can open again and work really hard with my colleagues to achieve the best results.

What has always stayed with you?
Jeroen, one of my first build-up parties was at a psychiatric institution. In the courtyard was a large tent where we placed various foodcourts and bars. It looked super cool, but you could feel the depressed atmosphere by just walking around in this building. But is was a unique experience to be in such a place where a "normal" citizen usually don't get.

Henk, The best thing which stayed with me was that we had to deliver 50 lunches at 50 different adresses in one day. The puzzling days before to be sure the routes will be perfect, so we could deliver whithin the right time frame and afterwards the euphoria when we succeeded.


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