Meal planning

What is the best time to eat? And how many times per day do you need to eat?
The answers to these questions can go multiple ways. One person says you can’t eat more than 3 meals, the other person has proof to make you believe that 6 meals is the answer to an healthy lifestyle. But what is the actual truth?

A study has shown on behalf of Forza supplements, when are the best times you can eat. In this study participated 1.000 people who were trying to lose weight. They were asked what for them was the best time to eat and which had the most effect. It was found that 5 meals a day is the best, you won’t feel hungry and if you eat at the right times, you’ll not gain weight! This does not mean that you do not have to exercise and can eat unhealthy. 

This is the first and the most important meal of the day! Because you consume much energy at night it must be regained through breakfast, so you can perform well throughout the day. It is best to eat your breakfast every day at the same time before 10:00 hour.

During the morning it is smart to eat a heavy snack, think of a cookie, cracker or a yoghurt. This heavy snack will burn easily since your digestive system works fairly quickly at that time.

This is the third meal of the day. After a productive morning your energy will be a lot lower. You can fill in your energy the best between 13:00 and 15:00 hour with a good saturated lunch. After lunch your digestive system is much less efficient and your body will burn calories slowly.

During the afternoon it is wise to have a light snack to eat, think of some vegetables (such as tomatoes, cucumber, etc.) or fruit. Your digestive system is working slower at this point so it is good to eat a light snack.

This is the fifth and last meal of the day. The most important thing about dinner is that it should be lighter than your breakfast. This is because you will burn the least calories in the evening. When you will eat after 22:00 hour you have the risk that you will gain weight. It also can cause nightmares and trouble sleeping.


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