Interview Jeroen Boere

If you get off your car at Next Kitchen on the Elektronweg in Utrecht, chances are that the smell of fresh bread will satisfy you. Earlier this year, owner Jeroen Boere brought new life into the concept of "Wie vult uw broodtrommel?"

Thirteen years ago, Jeroen started Next Kitchen, then purely focused on catering. He soon grew and four years ago he was faced with the choice: am I going to take a step back or are we going to grow? When he also got a big client, he choesen to grow . Next Kitchen moved to the Elektronweg in Utrecht (behind the former AC restaurant on the A2 motorway) and almost 20 employees were added in one fell swoop. The expansion also included a refreshment of the range, Jeroen decided. His lunch delivery service "Wiw vult uw broodtrommel?" Was renewed with a completely new webshop. "We deliver sandwiches in the Utrecht region and, more recently, in Amsterdam. Everything revolves around service and quality: the best sandwiches at the most reasonable price. "

Other types of bread and surprising toppings, that is what distinguishes "Wie vult uw broodtrommel" from the average sandwich deliverer. On the new and visually appealing website you can for example choose a brioche bun with pulled pork and red cabbage salad, a ciabatta with nutella and banana, a mini pita with mackerel salad, rustic sandwich with pineapple jam and cottage cheese and the real Reuben sandwich with smokey brisket. "We invent new product groups and products every month. We follow trends and respond to them. For example, we currently use our smoker regularly to create our smoked sandwiches. We make 90% ourselves and everything is fresh. In this way we ensure that lunch becomes extra fun and tasty for our clients. "

From 5:00 am we stand at Next Kitchen to make sandwiches with a number of people. "The bread is baked in the evening and we start using it in the morning. That way, everything stays as fresh as possible. "With" Wiw vult uw broodtrommel", the focus is also on flexibility. "It is now possible to place last-minute orders with us. If you order before 11:00 am, it will arrive before 1:00 pm. That was internally a switch. We are actually playing restaurant at catering niveau. In terms of logistics and scheduling, things had to be turned over. But we get a lot in return, the reactions are only positive. The easier we make it for our clients, the more we get. We know we can do it. "

More entrepreneur
Orders of 5 to 5000 sandwiches are prepared in the production area of ​​400 square meters. "A few sandwiches are just as important as an order for thousands of sandwiches. The only difference is that we do it with fewer hands. On the contrary, we like small orders, which gives stability to our company. "In addition, catering also runs throughout the day. "Next Kitchen and Wiw vult uw broodtrommel are really two separate companies, each with its own face. With catering we have many different jobs: from lunches to barbecues and from chic dinners to events. The nice thing about it is that it is different every time. Every assignment receives the same attention from us. We want the whole picture to be right, whatever the occasion is. "Jeroen no longer needs his chef's background on a daily basis. "The profession has changed: I am no longer a chef but an entrepreneur. That is just as much fun, maybe more fun. It is good to hand over some things. We now have a chef who decides what is on the menu and I leave that entirely up to him. Every day is different, there is always something on my path that I can use to explore. "

To grow
Where 2018 was already a very good year for Next Kitchen and Wie vult uw broodtommel, Jeroen hopes for an even better 2019. "The growth is currently in full swing, so we hope to continue. Recently we also deliver lunches in Amsterdam and that will probably only increase. I am proud that we have intervened in that market - where many other parties are active anyway. We have a number of interesting Amsterdam customers, including Monsterboard. They order last minute every day and appreciate our flexibility. So again it appears that sometimes, also in Amsterdam, there is place for a new company. I hope we can open our own kitchen there in 2020. "Meanwhile, Jeroen's creative brain will not stand still. "We will always come up with concepts. We currently have more ideas than we can implement financially. I have a very creative team around me, who all think along about how we can improve or innovate. Without them it would not have been where we are now. Let 2019 come! "


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