Corona measures

The Corona virus affects us all. But because the measures are a little more relaxed, we can provide more clients with delicious lunch items again!

We have recently used our property to be sure we can work with the corona measures, so that we can prepare your lunch items in a safe manner. But of course it doesn't stop at our building. We have also taken various measures for our drivers.

Our kitchen
In our kitchen, 2 meters are taped on the workbench, so every employee has a 2-meter workbench to have enough space to prepare the lunches. After each workplace there will be a cross of 1 meter, where work is not allowed. In this way we prevent our employees from getting into each other's field of work. There will also be a clear walking route in the kitchen, so you can walk around carefree without your colleagues getting in the way of making the lunches. At every entrance of the kitchen will be desinfection, every employee who passes the door must desinfect his/her hands. Furthermore, our employees will wash and desinfect their hands after each order.

New packaging
As you are used to from us, we deliver our sandwiches in authentic white wooden box or in a disposable box. But from now on it is also possible to have the lunch items packaged individually. This is to prevent the lunch items from being exposed during lunch and everyone touching them.

Our driver will desinfect his hands with desinfectants when he arrives at your location before he gets out of the car. When he/she delivers lunch, the driver keeps 1.5 meters away from you as our contactperson. When the driver returns to the car, he will desinfect his hands again before proceeding his route.


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