Carbohydrates: why eat or not eat?

What are carbohydrates?

We mainly know carbohydrates as sugars. There are two variants: fast and slow sugars. Fast sugars ensure that the sugar contant in you blood increases rapidly and slow sugars are mainly in healthier foods such as bread and other types of dough.

Why should you eat carbohydrates?
Eating carbohydrates gives you enery and therefore actually the fuel of your body. There are also various organs that need carbohydrates such as, your brain, your heart but also the temperateu of your body is determinded by this.

Why should you not eat carbohydrates?
Eating none carbohydrates at all is not an option. Your body responds with fatigue, dizziness, headache, nausea and you are irritable. You can better choose to eat less or healthier carbohydrates.

Which carbohydrates are good to eat?
You can think of grain products: multi grain bread, multi grain pasta, multi grain rice, couscous, quinoa, sweet potato, lagumes, fruits and vegetables. Even low calorie vegetables still contains carbohydrates! As long as you make a conscious choice and eat carbohydrates with slow sugars, you can alsways eat carbohydrates.


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